Winner is a character, a poodle, one of Mondo TV's mascots, and one of the most iconic characters of the three animated television series, Simba the King Lion, Simba Jr. Goes to N.Y. and the World Cup and Winner and the Golden Child plus the film, Christmas in New York.


He is a poodle who loves to play with his soccer ball and he never wants to lose it.


Winner is loyal, kind, good-hearted, heroic, optimistic, intelligent, strong, cute, adorable, and playful, but he is sometimes very annoying and temperamental.

Physical Appearance

Winner is a slender poodle with white fur, blue eyes, black nose, and black eyebrows.

Role in the Series

He was a puppy that escaped from his owner on a ship who always wanted him leashed and obeyed. As an act of freedom, he wounded up in the jungle with two fellow mice, Thin and XL. He is also friends with a dog from New York named Fox and later serves as a guardian to the Child of the Fifth Prophecy named Ari.



  • Winner's original name was "Toy", but he changed it to show that he had grown up and wanted to be treated that way.