Window on the World, is the twelfth episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


The Solar System Web is running an ad for a free device that changes the view through any window into a number of beautiful landscapes. Ulee then purchases the device. The next morning the Nimbols awake to find that everything in their house, including Arfle, is gone!

When they check the device, they see that it has a secret function. Before they can reverse the current flow, however, they are sucked out of the window and transported in a huge bubble to a waiting spaceship. Once in the cargo hold, the Nimbols find themselves surrounded with merchandise from all over the city. It looks like they weren’t the only ones to fall for the scam. The ship takes off. Ulee, who had gotten them into this mess, now gets them out… by giving the two burglars a taste of their own medicine.




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