Welcome Back Pinocchio (known in Italian as: Bentornato Pinocchio) is an Italian animated film that was based on the fairy tale by Carlo Collodi. Also, it was released in 2006 and it was distributed by Mondo TV.


Pinocchio is now a young lad and he has a liveliness common to most of the boys in his age, though he has been staying out of trouble in fear of being turned back into a wooden puppet.

Pinocchio gets off track and is manipulated and persuaded by a cat, a fox (similar to Honest John and Gideon) and a harlequin that they're all under the control of the villainous "Butterman" (similar to the Coachman) into stealing for example, to swipe all the contents of a safe in the school house.

Now, although he believes this act of robbery will benefit the poor children, Pinocchio is nevertheless transformed back into a wooden puppet (but also a donkey). Luckily, he then has a chance encounter with a poodle that names Winner and also at the end with the talking cricket (similar to Jiminy Cricket) along with the Fairy (similar to The Blue Fairy).

Will Winner, along with the rest of Pinocchio's pals, help the puppet get changed back into a boy? So watch how Pinocchio learns the lessons that enable him to become a human once more.


  • Most of the characters including the Talking Cricket, The Fairy, the Cat and the Fox and Butterman were inspired and based from Disney's 1940 animated classic film Pinocchio.

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