Virus Attack is a 2011 Italian animated television series co-produced by Suk S.r.l. and Mondo TV.


It was created to raise awareness of pollution-related problems in the audience of young children, teens and adults. The series consists of 52 episodes of about 13 minutes each and was first aired on April 1, 2011 by Cartoon Network.


Hundreds of years ago, the inhabitants of a pacific town were kidnapped by Siderno, a supreme, ruthless, deadly, villainous, lethal and evil minded lord of the Viruses, to be transported to four planets used as incubation machines, where they would be mutated into monstrous viruses in order to conquer the Earth. Today, the Earth is sick, pollution and human beings have allowed an invasion of viruses to arrive and spread. Each virus has different characteristics and super powers: they transform themselves, they multiply, they mutate and they fuse to become more powerful.

However, they still keep a piece of humanity which sometimes prevails. The clamorous finding of a genial scientist, Edward Amaldi, allows five teenagers, David, Alice, Zuri, Rodan and George to have a special DNA to become anti-viruses. The only one condition to allow transformation is that they get in physical contact with the viruses. With their agility, bravery, cleverness and their super powers, they will save the world, that the fate depends on them from this moment.


The opening and ending theme is Ready to Go! by KarTunes Band.


Heroes (Anti-Viruses)

  • David (Dyamer)
    Voiced by Matteo Ward (Italian) and Jason Yudoff (English)
  • Alice (Arghes):
    Voiced by Barbara Pitotti (Italian) and Lisa Adams (English)
  • George (Goldor):
    Voiced by Alessio Ward (Italian) and Matt Caplan (English)
  • Zuri (Zobron):
    Voiced by George Castiglia (Italian) and Unknown (English)
  • Rodan (Rax):
    Voiced by Emanuele Ruzza (Italian) and Unknown (English)


  • Edward Amaldi:
    Voiced by Ambrogio Colombo (Italian) and Herb Laurence (English)

Villains (Viruses)

  • Siderno:
    Voiced by Luke Ward (Italian) and Dan Green (English)
  • Urpegon:
    Voiced by Andrea Ward (Italian) and Unknown (English)
  • Skranet:
    Voiced by Roberto Draghetti (Italian) and Unknown (English)
  • Nimargon:
    Voiced by Massimo Gentile (Italian) and Unknown (English)
  • Keysaten:
    Voiced by David Marzi (Italian) and Unknown (English)


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