Up in the Air, is the twenty-fifth episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


A dangerous magnetic storm is about to hit Traffix, but Urp, whose birthday is today, defies Benedikt’s orders not to leave the house and heads towards the Fun Park. Neema, Blip and Ulee are forced to go after their disobedient friend and they all find themselves floating through the air, caught in the storm’s devastating anti-gravity effects.

Urp’s parents have arrived for a surprise birthday visit and now Benedikt and Traffic Cop go out in search of Urp and the others. Benedikt, being made of metal, is sucked through the air into the magnetized junkyard, as is Lari the Litter Bin, numerous vehicles, and everything else metallic. The Cyborgs are ecstatic, for after the storm is over, they'll be able to return to their junkyard home and enjoy being rich! The Nimbols, with the help of Urp’s dad, must then rescue their beloved mentor.





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