Traffic Light Rebellion is the fifteenth episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


The Traffic Lights are getting testy, making Urp and Ulee late for class on purpose. To get around the problem, Ulee asks Blip to invent a remote control zapper to change the lights to green. The Traffic Lights, angry at the manipulation and feeling that they are getting no respect, begin to plot their revenge.

They appear green in both directions, which of course causes major traffic problems. Then, when Traffic Cop hauls the two rule-breaking Traffic Lights away to jail, all the others rebel and decide to go on strike. The Nimbols are forced to do Traffic Light duty, which turns out to be a major disaster. With all the Traffic Lights now planning on a permanent strike and the streets of the planet Traffix descending into chaos, the Nimbols must convince them how necessary they really are.




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