Tosca is a cook of Ciao, a team member of the Sun and one of the main characters of the animated series, Gladiators. She was voiced in English by Summer Crockett Moore.


Physical Description

Tosca is a slender and big muscular woman who has long red braided hair with a black hairband, thick red eyebrows, red lips, emerald green eyes. Also, she wears a dark emerald green U-shaped tank top-like dress with a salmon-mahogany apron, two cuffs on her arms including the one is bandaged and the other one is dark brown and on her legs and feet, she wears bandaged socks and open-toe sandals.


Even Tosca is the cook and a fighter, she is brave, tough, lovely, strong-hearted, complicated and kind. But when anybody calls her "darling" or insults her, she uses to be angry, short-tempered and serious.