Tilda (as in full name, Tilda Swanson) is a character and the deuteragonist from the animated series, Farhat with two seasons, The Prince of the Desert and The Black Scorpion.

Personality and Appearance

At the age of 15, the prodigal Tilda is the smartest and most intelligent and scholarly girl in all of England. Her specialties lie within archaeology, glottology, history, and especially astronomy. She attends Oxford. When she decides to align herself with Farhat’s group, the academic and political English institutions decide to dispatch a certain secret agent in order to ensure that their “pupil” is under control.

The only one to approve Tilda’s break away is Nigel Swanson, the girl’s father who works as a miner. Tilda hates the Oxfordian language, and shows off speaking in jive as a sharp contrast with her knowledge of the so-called “extinct” tongues. Honest to a fault, she is enamored with Farhat, yet doesn’t realize it. She loves koalas so much that her laptop computer has the form of a koala teddy.

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