The Urps, is the third episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


Although it’s his birthday, Blip is sad because it was on this day that his parents had disappeared in space. The robots that were left to care for him, though, tell him of a surprise gift. Urp starts talking about how great his family is; how they are rich and practically run their planet.

Benedikt is thrilled to hear it, because he has just gotten word that Urp’s parents and sister are coming for a surprise visit and he has visions of a donation for a brand new sports complex. Urp, embarrassed by his exaggerations, runs away to hide. The Nimbols are forced to entertain the uncultured family while Blip searches for Urp, but it turns out that although they are not rich or sophisticated, they are still pretty cool. Then Blip’s surprise birthday gift arrives; it’s a delayed message from his parents…





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