The Party, is the ninth episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


Benedikt is leaving for the night and the Nimbols have secretly planned a party. Their excitement at having a wild night alone quickly fades when they learn that Oona, who is a party pooper anyway, has been left in charge to supervise them. They are cleverly able to fool her into going to the study group that she would have missed, so the party is on.

It is supposed to be just for friends, but Urp, like always, manages to mess things up. Not only does he allow Slick to trick him into revealing the password that opens up Door, he also invites him, Blick, Glick and Eye! Just when the party is in full swing, Traffic Cop suddenly appears, angrily responding to complaints of noise pollution. The Nimbols are terrified that this time they’ve gone too far, but a special guest saves the day..





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