The Night of Full Moons, is the seventeenth episode from the animated series, The Nimbols.


It’s that time once every ten years when the three moons orbiting the planet Traffix are all simultaneously full and Arfle is going absolutely crazy. Benedikt has strictly forbidden and prohibited the Nimbols to go out this night because of the moons’ hypnotizing effect. But when their pet Arfle runs away, they risk Benedikt’s anger to go searching for their pet.

Slick and Eye hear that Ulee is offering a reward for finding Arfle, so they hatch a fake kidnapping plot to collect a ransom. Oona, however, learns that all the Arfles of a certain age go into heat and meet up on this night of the full moons at the home of the Cyborgs. In the end, the Nimbols were reunited with their beloved pet and Slick and Eye, who were hoping to collect a ransom, will wind up with a very different kind of bounty.





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