"The Mercenary" (Japanese: Mugon no kyō senshi 「無言の凶戦士」) is the fifth episode of the anime series, Robin Hood and was originally broadcasted on August 26, 1990.


Baron Alwine is more and more determined to wipe out the band of outlaws and, above all, Robin. He discovers that Marian has joined the outlaws and orders three ruthless soldiers of fortune, commanded by Guy of Guisborne, to destroy the band of brigands and kidnap Marian.

Robin, Will, Winifred and Jenny are captured by the soldiers who seem implacable, that is until they reveal their weak spot by wolfing down some mushrooms that she has gathered. The mushrooms give them hallucinations and they proceed to laugh so hard that they don’t have the strength to stop our heroes from making an unexpected escape.



  • Robin Hood
  • Marian
  • Will Scarlet
  • Winifred Scarlet
  • Jenny Scarlet
  • Little John
  • Much
  • Friar Tuck


  • The Merry Band of Sherwood


  • Baron Alwine and his Soldiers
  • Viking and Hood
  • Guy of Guisborne

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