The Mass Transporter, is the sixth episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


After getting caught in a maddening traffic jam aboard his jet-propelled skateboard, Ulee, with Urp’s unknowing help, comes up with the brilliant idea of inventing a mass transporter. A device which could make matter, or Nimbols, disappear from one place and be digitally recreated somewhere else. With Blip’s expertise, they build one and it works fine… at least with Lari the Litter Bin, a machine.

When Urp, half dazed from sleep, wanders into one of the two transport devices, they have their Nimbol guinea pig. Unfortunately, Urp reappears in the second transport unit with his feet on backwards! From that point on, the situation only gets worse… until Blip is able to figure out a way to get everything all straightened out.




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