The Hot Shot, is the eighth episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


Ulee is determined to beat Slick’s record for the rocket-powered skateboard course, and with the help of Oona’s training techniques, he should have no problem at all. Urp is so convinced of his friend’s winning that he bets Slick his entire savings.

Slick, now having a lot at stake, is not going to take any chances, so he zaps Ulee with a disorienting aura ray gun while he sleeps. The next day at the race, Ulee can hardly stand on his skateboard and he loses. When Neema and Blip learn of Urp’s bet with Slick, they force Eye to talk. As it turns out, it wasn’t only the aura ray gun that helped him win; he was also illegally using neutron-boosted skateboard fuel. Oona organizes a rematch, and this time, with her help in concentration techniques and Urp’s help in altering the fuel, Ulee skateboards to a new course record.





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