The Five Knights of Nature (Italian: I Cinque cavalieri della Natura) is the ninth episode of the animated series, The Legend of Sleeping Beauty.


Rakhal is fighting beside the dinosaurs of the Land. The forces of evil commanded by Tanatos, Sterminio, Barbarian, Magic and Maya seem to be winning. Rakhal goes back into the palace to speak with Chaca, Myellin, Cordall and his five knights of nature and together they hold a war council. While they are discussing the situation, Rakhal interrupts the meeting to declare he has found a solution. His plan is to let the enemy capture him, and although everyone appears stunned at first, Rakhal assures them not to worry, as they are in fact looking at a projection of him; his actual body is hundreds of kilometers away, enabling him to disappear and free himself at any moment!

Rakhal explains to the five knights of nature that they must be ready when he makes his signal, for, according to his plan, they are to go near to the cavern where Aurora is held captive and then taking advantage of the momenary distraction of the forces of evil that will follow his capture. After this, Rakhal describes to them an attack that is to be launched in the hopes of freeing Aurora from the field of negative energy, under which she is held prisoner.

Meanwhile, in the forest, Princess Kindra sleeps as all the animals take turns keeping watch over her and she is never left alone, not even for a moment. Birds continuously come and go, as mother rabbits bring their babies to admire her beauty. The birds, directed by their choir master, along with a cricket violinist, sing beautiful songs whilst fairies and butterflies flutter about dancing beautifully to the sound of the music.



  • Princess Kindra
  • Prince Rakhal
  • Sir Braveheart
  • Sluggard
  • The Elemental Knights
  • General Rodad and his Pterodactyls


  • Cordall
  • Myellin
  • Chaca
  • Fairies


  • Maya (in forms of a hawk, dragon, witch, Apatosaurus, cat and a cobra)
  • Sterminio
  • Tanatos
  • Barbarian
  • Magic


  • Micr, Piath, Proth, Argy and Frick