The Dinosaur's Land (Italian: La Terra dei Dinosauri) is the third episode of the animated series, The Legend of Sleeping Beauty.


The sparrow which Maya (in the form of a hawk) is following, leads her towards the kingdom of King Brion. However, the sparrow manages to give an alarm and Maya is chased away. All the animals in the forest, including King Brion, run to the castle to help put out the fire and save the books. In the land of the dinosaurs, Chaca, Myellin and Cordall then start teaching Rakhal how to use his powers. The child immediately proves he has extraordinary capacity.

Cordall then takes him around the city, whilst Rakhal realizes more and more that he is destined to become king of the land of the dinosaurs, as all of his future subjects already seem to love him. Back in Maya's castle, her henchmen tell her that the little prince is in the Forgotten Land and that he is learning to use his powers which are becoming more and more powerful. Maya then decides to go there and see for herself. Unfortunately for her, Rakhal realizes that there is a dinosaur whose face gestures a sign of danger to him and he gives the alarm.



  • Prince Rakhal
  • Sir Braveheart


  • Cordall
  • Muscles
  • Myellin
  • Chaca

The Kingdom of King Brion

  • The King and Queen
  • The Master Scholars
  • King Brion


  • Maya (in forms of a sparrow, hawk, cobra, Apatosaurus, an ornithopod and Troodon)


  • Princess Kindra