The Butterfly is the first episode of the first season of the animated series, The Great Book of Nature.


The host bear summons all the animals to his side and tells them a story about butterflies.


The story’s leading character lives with her friends in a peaceful village in the hills and spends her days collecting nectar from flowers. However, the peace and quiet ends abruptly when a rooster shows up, destroys everything in sight and causes panic among the insects. The butterfly decides that the rooster cannot get away with it and comes up with a plan to teach him a lesson that should make him leave the village.

The butterfly’s friends try to make her change her mind, pointing out that the rooster is much larger and stronger than she is. But the butterfly answers that strength is not everything, and that intelligence is much more important. In the end, thanks to her cunning plan, the butterfly gives the rooster the kind of lesson he deserves.