The Black Corsair is a titular character and the main protagonist of the animated series of the same name.


Physical Description

Dressed in black, he wears a black silk shirt with laces of the same color on the cuffs, and a round collar. His trousers are made of black silk as well, and are held around his waist by a wide fringed sash. He wears leather boots that almost entirely enwrap his legs, and on his head he has a large hat with a long black feather that comes down to his shoulders. He is tall and slender with a fine and elegant appearance, totally in contrast with the roughness of the filibusters of the coast.

During war expeditions, he carries two pistols in the sash around his waist, a long sabre with a silver hilt, a sharp dagger, and on his arm an ample black cloak. His features are handsome, though his complexion is of a deadly pallor. His broad forehead is furrowed by a wrinkle that gives his face a hint a sadness, a nice straight nose, small lips as red as coral, and eyes that are very black, of a perfect cut, and very bright.


Describing the Black Corsair's personality, he is handsome, strong, daring, charming. But also, he is optimistic, adventurous, fearless, intelligent and brave.

Role in the series

The Knight of Emilio di Roccabruna, and Master of Valpenta and Ventimiglia, he wants to avenge the death of his brothers, The Green Corsair and the Red Corsair, who were killed by the villainous and sadistic Van Gould.

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