Testing Time, is the fifth episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


Neema, Ulee and Blip have already passed the tests for their spaceship flying licenses, but Urp is having trouble with the theory exam and Oona has only one last chance to pass her test. Worried that their team might be broken up, the three try to find a solution.

With Urp it’s easy. All he'll need to do is simply pick the answer that goes exactly against his reckless driving instincts. A solution for Oona appears when Slick brags that he has an advanced autopilot program. When Ulee and Blip are unable to get the program, Blip installs a fake one in Oona’s spaceship just to boost her confidence. While Oona learns what she is really capable of, Slick learns the hard way that cheating is the wrong way to go.




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