Simba is a character and the titular main protagonist of both the animated series, Simba the King Lion and Simba Jr. Goes to N.Y. and the World Cup and also a supporting character of the other animated series, Winner and the Golden Child.



He's very honorable, noble, and compassionate. He's considered to be the polar opposite of Shere Khan, as he doesn't rely on violence and vengeance, and he also gives his enemies mercy after defeat.

Physical Appearance

Simba is a slender, muscular and handsome lion with brown eyes, a brown mane, black nose, and tan-golden fur.

Powers and Abilities

Simba uses his powers of the Great Bear with the Beams of Light, paralysis, invisibility and the stars of the Big Dipper which he obtained from the Fireflies to protect his friends from danger and certain death.

Role in the series

He was once raised by his parents in the Savannah, but was later adopted by Mother Wolf and her pack after he became an orphan. Shere Khan killed both of his elders, his dad by poachers, and his mom by his own claws; he witnessed the latter. Hiding in the Jungle, he befriended with Buckshot the fawn, and they both wanted to be kings of the Jungle and the Black Forest respectively.


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