Rescue Mission, is the fourth episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


This time, it’s Arfle that causes big trouble. While Benedikt is trying to give his disorderly five Nimbol students a lecture, Arfle saunters out to the street to find a tree… and finds himself the cause of an accident for Hari.

The irritable Traffic Cop is immediately hovering over the scene demanding explanations, but Ulee, nervous and scared, remains silent. As a result of Hari’s long list of demerits, Traffic Cop zooms him off to the junkyard to suffer dismantling at the greedy hands of the part-thirsty Cyborgs. Aware of his guilt and wanting to save his friend from a terrible fate, Ulee, aided by Blip, Neema and Urp, responsibly braves the terror of the Cyborg- infested junkyard to rescue Hari.





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