Ramses is an Italian animated historical adventure film that was released in 2007 and also distributed by Mondo TV.


A young archer and his general lead the Egyptian army to victory against the powerful Suppuliliuma, King of the Hittites. Egypt will be saved, but its ongoing deceit does not sit well with foreigners, putt off by the power of the greedy and villainous priest whose only intent is to ascend the throne… and what better a moment for the priest to rid himself of the Pharaoh than during the ceremony of the newly-reported victory?

Poisoned, the Pharoah will meet his death. With great shame, General Horembeb is then elected as successor of the defunct regent, such that the heart of the mighty priest turns ice-cold with profound hatred and betrayal. Egypt is hit by crime after crime, followed by an attempt on Horembeb's life… The young archer, with more than a just cause on his side, will finally unmask the assassin and settle the unfinished business with the Hittites once and for all, succeeding with the name "Ramses of Horembeb", General and Pharoah.

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