Proposal to Marriage (Japanese: gaburieru no inbō ガブリエルの陰謀) is the third episode of the Japanese animated/anime series, The Legend of Zorro and was originally broadcasted on April 26, 1996.


Lolita is angry with Diego losing her temper because she thinks he’s a lazy coward. Then, Lieutenant Gabriel challenges Diego to a duel, humiliating him in front of everyone. The Lieutenant has asked for Lolita’s hand in marriage, but her parents want her to marry Diego, with whom she is in love, in spite of his cowardly behavior.

The Lieutenant refuses to take no for an answer, and hires a fire raiser to scare the girl’s family, and force her to marry him. In the end, Zorro comes to the rescue and saves Lolita and her family.




  • Alejandro
  • Caterina
  • Carlos
  • Maria



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