Prince Rakhal (Italian: Il Principe Rakhal) is the second episode of the animated series, The Legend of Sleeping Beauty.


Cordall continues to run as he carries little Rakhal to safety. After having crossed icy lands, they then encounter a mammoth named Muscles which belongs to a patrol sent to search them out and lead them to the city of the dinosaurs where their arrival is expected. After a short journey, they reach the sumptuous, sparkling Foxiland, which is even more splendid all that surrounds it. They then get their first glance of the Royal Palace where they are expected.

While Rakhal finally rests in a bed, Cordall meets his old friends, Myellin, the wise old owl, and Chaca, the funny, but powerful troll who governs the city. Both are anxious to know if Rakhal is really the child of the fifth prophecy. In the meantime, at Princess Kindra's castle, the King's master scholars tell him they haven't been able to find any way to remove the curse, but that they did come across a prophecy on an old scroll stating that a little prince from far away would one day arrive for the purpose of breaking the spell. The prophecy is not clear at first, but they remain hopeful that other scrolls which will fully clarify prophecy will turn up.

This master scholars' discussion is overheard by two of king Brion's mice, and also by Maya who has taken on the form of a cat. The two rats manage to escape Maya, and are able to warn King Brion who sends Sir Braveheart to the castle to investigate the black-hearted intentions of the witch.

Maya, (who is still in the form of a cat, a doll, a witch (hag) and her true form) is systematically destroying the contents of the castle library. When she hears of Sir Braveheart’s arrival, she sets a big book on fire so that instead of attacking her, he is forced to quell the flames pouring forth from the book. Fortunately dozens of little birds come to his aid, carrying water and drawing away Maya who transforms into a hawk for the purpose of following them. Rakhal awakens in Chaca's palace and meets the troll and Myellin. He is taken the wonderful city of the dinosaurs.



  • Princess Kindra
  • Prince Rakhal
  • Sir Braveheart


  • Cordall
  • Muscles
  • Myellin
  • Chaca

The Kingdom of King Brion

  • The King and Queen
  • The Master Scholars
  • King Brion


  • Maya (in forms of a cat, child, witch and a hawk)