Pocahontas (a.k.a. in a long title, Pocahontas: Princess of the American Indians) is an Italian animated adventure television series that was released in 1998 and contains 26 episodes in only a season. Also, it was distributed by Mondo TV and animated by North Korean animation studio, SEK Studio.


Pocahontas embarked on a long journey for the greater good of all American countries, calling on the different Indian tribes to share the message of the creator as it had been depicted in the Hopi prophecy a long time ago. She went to many different areas in North America, such as the North East, the Sub Arctic, Pacific North West, California, Plateau and Great Basin, South West, and South West Plains, always receiving a warm welcome from the local tribes.

In her journey, Pocahontas and her spiritual companion Hopi Ho, get the chance to become acquainted with the different ways of living, customs, houses, foods, ceremonies, legends, etc., of the different American indian tribes that they visit.

Guided by her indomitable spirit, blessed by her grandmother (a famous shaman), and protected by her animal guides (such as the Puma, the Wolf, the Coyote, the Eagle, and the White Bison- each gifted with special powers), Pocahontas shares her message of love, peace, brotherhood, and valuable life lessons, always observing the harmony and love of nature as taught by The Creator.