"Mystery Forest" (Japanese: Fushigi no Mori. Shauddo「不思議の森・シャーウッド」) is the second episode from the anime series, Robin Hood and was originally broadcasted on August 5, 1990.


The Baron’s soldiers hunt Robin, Will, Winifred, and Jenny, who are looking for a place to hide in Sherwood Forest. The soldiers surround the fugitives, who are saved by the sudden appearance of a mysterious “monster” appearing out of a swamp. The monster terrifies the soldiers who run away as fast as they can.



  • Robin Hood
  • Marian
  • Will Scarlet
  • Winifred Scarlet
  • Jenny Scarlet
  • Little John
  • Much
  • Friar Tuck


  • The Merry Band of Sherwood
  • Wolves


  • Baron Alwine and his Soldiers

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