Mirror Image, is the tenth episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


The Nimbols go to the campus amphitheater where The Great Wambini is performing his spectacular magic show. His grand finale is teleportation and Ulee becomes an accidental volunteer after his rocket-powered skateboard is bumped from behind and he tumbles onto the stage.

Entering one enclosure, Ulee then magically appears in the other… but from the first enclosure out steps another Ulee as well. Now there are two! Dumbfounded, the other Nimbols try to determine which is the real Ulee, but they are exactly identical. Blip begins to suspect an alien invasion. The mystery is finally solved when Door announces the arrival of not one, but two Great Wambinis, accompanied by a complete set of identical Nimbols including Benedikt and Arfle… from a mirror universe!




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