Lolita Prideaux (ロリタ・プリド Rorita Purido) is a character and the secondary deuteragonist of the Japanese animated/anime series, The Legend of Zorro.


Lolita is the sweet 17 year-old daughter of another rich landowner, Don Carlos Prideaux, and Diego’s girlfriend, with whom she thought she was in love before he returned from Spain a very different man.


She is polite, very pretty, spunky, feisty, beautiful, sweet-tempered and charming, but above all, is never afraid to speak her mind whatever the cost. She cannot accept that Diego changed so much during his stay in Europe, and scolds him relentlessly at every opportunity.

Lolita is Diego's spunky blond childhood friend who later becomes his love interest. She has a very energetic and brave personality and often knows how to defend herself from danger. She relentlessly taunts Diego for his idiocy whenever the chance but is deeply in love with Zorro.

Role in the series

Lolita is Diego's girlfriend and a 17-year old lady. If in San Tasco, there is a pretty girl that is Lolita and also, she has a temper of those that are appeal to these beautiful girls. She is in love with Diego, even though she does not know who is Zorro. She is very disappointed by Diego's apparent change after the latter's return from Spain, and being very firm in saying what he thinks, always teases him.

If Diego shows his love indolent, Zorro, on more than one occasion, where comes Diego, not to be discovered, she can get as once at a ball, when Zorro kisses her after beating Gabriel in the race with the sword. She is very sweet and friendly, but also she is a brave girl. She never hesitates in front of a situation that can be dangerous, even though at that time puts some lives at risk and danger.


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  • Purido ( プリド? ) , in Japanese (known as katakana), may in fact derive from the surname of a traditional character, Pulido , both from French and Spanish.
  • Instead, Prideaux was chosen by the Italian production for the series. The original Lolita Pulido, however, is Diego's girlfriend, but on the contrary feels no interest in him, being in love instead of Zorro, which does not know the identity.
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