Lights! Camera! Action!, is the first episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


The Nimbols are filming a video about the Space Academy designed to lure potential students to the school. Urp and Ulee have a hard time taking the project seriously, so after they mess up a few scenes, Producer Blip tells them to go make their own video.

Still, with Neema and Oona quibbling over direction and the script, not to mention clumsy actors and Arfle’s pesky distractions, the filming is not going too well. However, while they are trying to create a straight and proper portrayal of the Academy, showing how a good student lives and obeys the rules, Ulee and Urp’s film is showing everything that isn’t allowed. When the video is screened that night at the theater it turns out to be a smashing success, thanks to the way Blip diplomatically edits some of Urp and Ulee’s footage.