Kidnapped is the fourteenth episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


The Nimbols are shocked to discover that the Cyborg Six will be visiting them as part of a new student exchange project. Aside from Urp, who thinks that she is really cute, the rest find it extremely difficult to trust a Cyborg. Urp is then really disappointed to find that Six is far more interested in Blip than in him.

Six gets Blip to let her pilot the school space ship… which she zooms directly toward the Cyborgs’ junkyard. Blip is kidnapped! They force him to build a laser gun with which to cut into the bank vault by telling him that they are holding Neema hostage. Urp and Ulee find Blip at the junkyard and after Blip learns that Neema is safe at the Academy, he sends the two off to warn Traffic Cop about the holdup. The Cyborgs are arrested, but Benedikt has other plans for Six.





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