Karol is an Italian CGI-animated religious and biography feature film that was released in 2007 and also it was distributed by Mondo TV along with DIFARM, Rainbus and DSU.


It is virtually impossible to find a satisfactory label for Karol Wojtyla. However, this challenge has continued to fascinate journalists and historians both during his life and after his death. Everyone seeks a definition that will go down in history books, such as: God's Athlete, Hope's witness, The Globetrotter Pope, Karol the Great.

To encapsulate all this in an animated feature, this was aimed mainly at young audiences by religion that means making precise choices about what to depict in a life as dense with events as Karol Wojtyla's. At the same time, we felt it important to construct a powerful, moving story, rather than merely a simple series of biographical anecdotes. Above all this series highlights a rapport with young people that stemmed from simple excursions in the Polish mountains with a dozen students observing "World Youth Day" - an event followed by millions of young people.

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