Jurassic Cubs (known as Jurassic Cubs: The Journeys of the Black Meteorite and Sigla Saurini in Italian) is an Italian animated series that was released in 2007 and was distributed by Mondo TV.


This series was set in the Jurassic period that narrates the vicissitudes of five young, friendly dinosaurs in search of their parents. Their adventurers unfold over the course of a journey in time where our five “dino” friends – Saro, Ranu, Stego, Bronto and Nimzy – find themselves in a different place and period (often characterized by the prehistoric period in question, i.e. a jungle of the Triassic Period, or a body of water from the Cretaceous Period, etc.). Our friends do everything they can to pick up on the tracks of their parents, who have mysteriously vanished… However, none of this would be possible had Saùro the Shaman not brought them into his cavern in the red mountains where they first find themselves stranded…


Our story begins during the prehistoric ages when some dinosaur families decided to move into the caverns of the red mountains to flee the frigid winter of the tableland regions. During their journey, however, they were caught in a meteor storm... The adults had time to get their younglings to the shelter of a cave, but in the process, failed to save themselves.

And so it was, at dawn, that a gigantic black meteorite with ability to function as a "time / space portal" crashed down and transported our young friends to another place and time.

The Shaman “Saùro the Wise” (along with his owl and blundering assistant, Nichus) fortunately spotted our abandoned friends, thanks to his “source of remembrances”— a magic well through which fragments of the past, present and future could be seen. Willing to host them indefinitely in his cave in the red mountains, the Shaman then sent Nichus to the aid of our frightened little “cubs”

Ever since, Saùro, with his wisdom and magic powers, has spent his days checking his “source of remembrances” in search of a black meteorite that can reunite the “Jurassic Cubs” with their parents… Apparently, this meteorite from outer space (and others like it) can become an actual time machine, after "crash-landing" on Earth and being hit by the first ray of the rising sun. It was, in fact, this humongous black meteorite that made our friends’ giant “dino” parents vanish without a trace, transporting them elsewhere to another time, space, and place. To make their work easier, Saùro has Nichus accompany our friends to the site where the meteorite crashed and, to offer them additional help, has him “guide” them with some bright fluid originating from the “source of remembrances". This luminous substance has the ability to free up paths otherwise inaccessible to our little dino friends and expedite their sometimes intricate explorations. What more could you ask for?


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