It's Show Time, is the twenty-fourth episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


The Traffic Cops are making maintenance checks on all the vehicles and Urp’s dragster is impounded because its lights are broken. To make matters worse, if he doesn’t come up with the 450 Space Credit fine by tonight, his beloved dragster will be crushed! It’s also Parent’s Day at the Space Academy and all the Nimbol teams are preparing their presentations.

Our Nimbol team, calling themselves the Flying Nimbols, is practicing a trampoline act. They need Urp, but when they refuse to pay him the Credits that he needs to rescue his dragster, he instead joins up with Slick and Eye who will pay him to lose their Nimbol Tossing con game. As always, Slick and Eye fall prey to their own greed, which ends up saving the dragster while Urp bounces his way back into his friends' hearts.




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