"House Building" (Japanese: (Tōku haruka na shirabe「遠く遥かな調べ」) is the fourth episode of the anime series, Robin Hood and was originally broadcasted on August 19, 1990.


While Robin and his friends comb the forest looking for a place to call home, back in Nottingham, Baron Alwine organizes a manhunt to capture Robin. The Baron’s soldiers search every corner of the forest with dogs until they come across Marian of the House of Lancaster, who has left her friends and is returning to her castle; earlier, Marian’s carriage was held up by Little John and his band of thieves, but the girl ends up making friends with the outlaws of the forest.



  • Robin Hood
  • Marian
  • Will Scarlet
  • Winifred Scarlet
  • Jenny Scarlet
  • Little John
  • Much
  • Friar Tuck


  • The Merry Band of Sherwood
  • Wolves


  • Baron Alwine and his Soldiers
  • Bishop Hertford
  • Gilbert
  • Dogs

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