She is the daughter of Duke Van Gold, The Black Corsair enemy. She is a Duchess of Duchess of Weltendrem, whom the Black Corsair decides to take to the Tortuga for the purpose of asking his men for a large ransom in exchange for her release (as was customary in those days). But the Duchess is young, very beautiful, kind, and full of charm, and although he tries to restrain himself in every possible way, the Black Corsair falls in love with her. When they arrive at Tortuga, the Black Corsair informs the Duchess and goes out to sea again with his men, leading the powerful corsair fleet towards Maracaibo, where Van Gould, his mortal enemy, is expecting him. The Black Corsair is on deck, engrossed in his sad, thoughts. To his great surprise he sees the duchess coming towards him, and they at last confess the love they feel each other without reticence. It is then that the Corsair tells her his story: he is in fact a knight, Emilio of Roccabruna Seigneur of Ventimiglia. He and his three brothers had been sent as officers by the Duke of Savoy to reinforce the troops of Louis XIV in his war against Spain for the possession of Flanders.

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