Goodbye, Golden School (Italian: Arrivederci Golden School) is the fifty-second and final episode from the first season of the animated series, Angel's Friends. It was originally broadcasted in Italia 1 on March 27, 2010.


After the Angels and Devils were unable to defeat Reina, she absorbs the powers of Angels and Devils. But, Raf was still unable to communicate with Arkhan's thoughts. Arkhan explains to Raf telepathically that her angelic nature is exceptionally strong because she had was transformed by her human nature. Focusing, she is able to activate the Angelic Star (with her Prism Fly dress) that her light is pure, stronger and bright as a star and her color is the celestial blue from the Seven Seas, according to Arkhan, defeating Reina and Earthly City was exploded by her strongest light of all.

Three days later after her longer beauty sleep, she wakes up in the Golden School's infirmary, surrounded by Angels, Devils and Professors Arkhan and Temptel, They have been updated on one of the latest events. Reina has been sent back to Limbo by the High and Low Spheres, where that she's not being held in chains, she is now trapped in the Black Sphere for all eternity. The portraits have returned to the Golden School and was all thanks to Raf, and all of them have passed the first stage, plus the Angels and Devils are cheering with excitement, happiness and joy.

Before leaving for the summer vacation back to Angie Town, Raf greets Sulfus, telling her that she had heard the voice of her mother, Angelie, that maybe she's still alive. Also, Sulfus waves his hand to Raf and says, "Catch you later!", and Raf waves her hand to Sulfus and says, "Catch you later!", too and flies off back to Angie Town. In fact, in an unknown prison-like lair, under a glass case, Angelie sleeps, and she was guarded by two mysterious masked eternals, Cassidy and Kubral, who does not want her daughter finding her.

Educational Objectives

  • Teaching that passion and hard work are powerful tools for success.
  • Teaching that faith in your values is a strong defense against temptation.




Earthly Ones

  • Edward
  • Julia and Helen
  • Bad Girlz (two only)
  • Angelie (at the end of the episode)


  • Reina (in her octopus form and at the end, her normal form)
  • Kubral and Cassidy (off-background)



  • Angelic Star


  • Sound Fly (Sweet)
  • Sticker Fly (Miki)
  • Flower Fly (Uri)

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