Gladiators (known as Gladiators: The Tournament of the Seven Wonders) is an Italian animated historic adventure television series that consists 26 episodes in a season and also it was distributed by Mondo TV.


Amid the glamour of imperial Rome during the time of Caesar Adrian, by then old and feeble, the struggle to arrogate his power intensifies. Nothing suspicious can be seen in public light, and nothing seems as though it could ever hinder Rome’s power.

All while terrible plots unfold in the shadows of the thick of the lair is Canidia, the evil priestess of the god Anubis, along with her ever-faithful Catilius, who has gained the Emperor’s trust and wishes to marry into the imperial family in order to become the likely successor to the throne.

Though not before getting rid of Marcus, grandson of Adrian and Rome is their only hope. If Antonino fails to buy time in announcing a conciliatory Gladiator tournament, Catilius will marry Domizia, Marcus' mother.



  • Ali (voiced by Alexander Morris): The 14-year old son of Niobe, the captured, but now rescued mother and Fabio, the deceased father
  • Marcus (voiced by Brian Munn): The grandson of Adriano
  • Mambi (voiced by Veronica Taylor): Ali's female pet lioness
  • Mirina (voiced by Lisa Ortiz): The agile, fast and barefoot gypsy girl
  • Dora (voiced by Liza Kaplan): Emperor Hadrian's servant and Ali's girlfriend

The Team

  • Tosca (voiced by Summer Crockett Moore): The big, beautiful, strong and muscular woman
  • Malone and Cabria (voiced by Wayne Grayson): The incredibly agile twins
  • Pilade (voiced by Madeleine Blaustein): The low and plump man
  • Drudo (voiced by J. David Brimmer): The man who falls in love with Domitia.


  • Emperor Hadrian (voiced by Dan Green): The lifelong old emperor of Rome and father of Marcus
  • Domitia (voiced by Eva Christensen): The mother of Marcus
  • Heliodorus (Paramour) (voiced by Mike Pollock): The leader of the Sun Warriors and an ally to Ali
  • Antonius (voiced by Marc Diriason): The wise, old Roman pacifist
  • Niobe (voiced by Veronica Taylor): Ali's mother
  • Fabio: Ali's deceased father
  • Ninurta (Eliodoro) (voiced by Mike Pollock): The wise, mysterious, old man
  • Akisar: The pirate


  • Canidia (voiced by Bella Hudson): The evil, villainous and dark priestess of Anubis and a witch
  • Anubis: The Egyptian god of the dead
  • Gutta (voiced by Madeleine Blaustein): Canidia and Anubis' son
  • Catilius (voiced by James Aaron Neil): The leader of the Roman Praetorian Guards
  • Caius (voiced by Marc Thompson): The governor of Rome