Giuseppe Maurizio Laganà (July 28, 1944 - January 3, 2016) is an Italian director and screenwriter of various animated series and films that he worked on at Mondo TV with RAI.


Laganà has signed the direction of various animated series and films such as Sandokan II: The Two Tigers (2000) and The Last of the Mohicans (2003). However, he made under the direction of a family animated comedy series conceived by director Bruno Bozzetto as "Spaghetti Family".

He has signed an international success for an animated feature, Felix: All Around the World starring the main character, Felix, the Toy Rabbit.


On January 3, 2016 in Rome, Giuseppe died after a long illness and the funeral was held on January 5, 2016, two days after his death.


Television Series


  • Felix: All Around the World
  • Felix: The Toy Rabbit and the Time Machine

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