"Gentleman Bandits" (Japanese: Yappari Sanzoku Yappari Kizoku 「やっぱり山賊やっぱり貴族」) is the sixth episode of the anime series, Robin Hood and was originally broadcasted on September 2, 1990.


Robin and Will search the forest not only for the gold crucifix that Marian was wearing around her neck on the day her carriage was held up by Little John’s band of thieves, but also for some food to ease their shortage of supplies. It is for this reason that Jenny is especially hungry.

They then run into Little John and his men, pulling a war cart and carrying a catapult with which he is about to use in an attack against a supply train escorted by Baron Alwine’s soldiers. During the ensuing skirmish, Robin saves Little John’s life by throwing a rock at a soldier who is about to kill him. To show his gratitude, the leader of the thieves invites Robin and Will to a banquet. In the meantime, Friar Tuck brings provisions to Marian, Winifred, and Jenny.



  • Robin Hood
  • Marian
  • Will Scarlet
  • Winifred Scarlet
  • Jenny Scarlet
  • Little John
  • Much
  • Friar Tuck


  • The Merry Band of Sherwood


  • Baron Alwine and his Soldiers