Freedom at Last, is the twentieth episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


After losing his patience and also his temper, Urp guns his dragster through a red light. He later arrives back at the Space Academy, towed by Traffic Cop, with a long list of violations now on his record. Traffic Cop harshly scolds Benedikt for Urp’s behavior and authorizes a Home Tutor replacement investigation. This is too much for Benedikt, who has a chip overload and goes wildly berserk.

All the Nimbols were still on probation so they have to get Urp out of trouble. He just needs to pass a driving test, which means they’ve got to get Benedikt fixed. In the meantime they resort to some old-fashioned, punishment-oriented coaching to get Urp ready. After a harrowing experience with a replacement robot tutor equipped with an emotion chip, the Nimbols manage to get Benedikt back. Now if only Urp can pass his test.




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