Flying with Her Own Wings (Italian: Volare con le Properie Ali) is the first episode from the first season of the animated series, Angel's Friends. It was originally broadcasted in Italia 1 on October 12, 2009 and U.S.A. on September 27, 2010.


Raf has come of age and leaves Angie Town along with her childhood friend, Uri to be and reach on her own for the first time at the Golden School. She encounters her rival devil adversary, Sulfus and quickly tries to learn his weaknesses and strengths through a challenge. The challenge is necessary to find out which of them will first encounter their "earthly one". A guardian angel is responsible for guarding the soul of their "earthly one". When one makes a mistake in judgment, the adversary wins. Humans must always be aware of their own free will to choose between good and evil.

To decide which of the two approaches first, Andrew will compete in a surfing race, during which Sulfus pretends to be drowning. To save him, Raf takes his hand and breaks the V.E.T.O., loses his balance and falls into the water. This challenge is then won by Sulfus, who transforms into an Earthly One convince Andrew to disobey his mother. Meanwhile, a mysterious hooded man and Reina's servant, Maliki haunts the school.

Raf discovers her powers one by one. She also learns the rules of transforming into a guardian angel as she works to accomplish her goals. One major rule remains constant that adversaries should NOT touch. Unfortunately, Raf takes the hand of Sulfus, and we are to learn of her fate later in the series. Her "earthly one" is a selfish boy named Andrew. He is charged with caring for his baby sister. When he is tempted by Sulfus to play video games instead, Raf breaks a rule, and fails in her first mission to protect Andrew from Sulfus' temptations.

Educational Objectives

  • Teaching that following all the rules of the game leads to success.
  • Teaching that trust must be earned.




Earthly Ones

  • Valeria
  • Andrew
  • Andrew's baby sister



  • Sulfus: "Look at your face! Calm down Angel, until you transform you are transparent."
  • Arkhan: "But either you or devils must respect the V.E.T.O, V-E-T-O it's an acronym that stands for Veto of Exposing, Touching or Obstructing. You must never break this rule."



  • Speed Fly


  • Fire Fly


  • When Raf is leaving Angie Town and turns to say goodbye to her mother, Angelie, the sparkly arrow on her pants changed shape.
  • After Sulfus gives the game to Andrew, his star shape is different and is hair color is lighter.
  • While she is taking care of Andrew's baby sister, Raf's red tuft changes place.
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