Egokhan is a character, a villain of Farhat and the main antagonist of the first season, (known as The Prince of the Desert) of the animated series, Farhat.

Personality and Appearance

A demon from before the great flood, he is villainous, ruthless, dark, cruel, scheming and evil, with the physical appearance of an ancient Mesopotamian God. Without feet, he floats through the air, emitting whirls of vapor smoke inside himself.

This ancient, demonic wrath has awakened from a 1000-year slumber, emerging to conquer the world. His main obstacle is the Shariman, which could influence his permanent disappearance from the world, if reassembled by Farhat. Should he manage to eliminate Farhat, however, there would be no other representative of the force of good with the power to stop him.


Egokhan is able to control all the natural elements, and has moreover, the power to summon myths, legends, and to invoke some of the most evilest of all evil events. He manifests in nightmares and fear, putting up with Rashid, because he needs him in order to serve as an intermediary with the human world.


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