Canidia is a character, the dark priestess of Anubis, a witch and the main, but true antagonist of the animated series, Gladiators. She was voiced in English by Erica Schroeder and in Italian by Antonella Giannini.


Physical Description

Canidia is slender, old, tall, thin and taut as a violin string with pale skin. She has long black streaked hair from perfect white lines, her sharp nose and under deep wrinkles that she can imagine the beauty of her past. When she speaks barely, she moves her mouth that is little more than a long slit red keeping her eyes on her interlocutor, giving a menacing look. But her eyes were clear, but almost transparent that contrasts with the other black eye and her eyes were glowing.


Even Canidia is the dark priestess of Anubis and a witch, her personality that she had is basically described as truly evil, terrible, treacherous, dark, villainous, ruthless, sadistic and scary, also menacing, deadly and merciless.

Role in the series

Canidia is the terrible and treacherous witch, and the evil, but villainous priestess of Anubis who wants to take power and get rid of Ali and kill Marcus. She also wants to kill the Emperor Hadrian by putting poison in her medicines until Domizia does not want to discover it and at that point she will also get rid of her as well.

After the battle with Anubis, Eliodoro receives new powers that he uses to bring Ali on the path of revenge after Charon tells her that the murderess of his father Adriano is actually a lie. After Ali won also the desire for revenge attempt to kill her, she was directly transformed into her true form which is that of a monstrous humanoid dog but now, she is killed and destroyed by Ali's protective shield.