Black Hole, is the sixteenth episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


Neema and Oona are hoping to be voted Space Cadets of the Month and the first task on their list is spring-cleaning. Unfortunately, their idea of junk is a lot different than Blip’s, so he is really angry to find that they’ve thrown away a lot of his cool stuff. Urp is also upset to find all of his filth cleaned up. The guys plan their revenge.

They will be the Space Cadets of the Month. Instead of waddling around with feather dusters and feeling like fools though, Urp and Ulee count on Blip to invent something. He creates a Black Hole, into which they can simply toss all the trash. It works at first, but quickly gets out of hand and starts gobbling up everything in sight. Luckily, Blip had given the Black Hole a limited amount of energy, but now it spits everything back out, creating a huge, disorderly mess.




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