Beyond Music, is the twenty-first episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


The Space Academy is holding a competition to come up with a new song for the school anthem. Under Oona’s guidance the Nimbols are off to a good start until Neema is kicked out of the band as a result of an “artistic” disagreement.

Then, when Urp’s drum set and Ulee’s guitar are partially destroyed after falling off their vehicles’ unsecured luggage racks, Oona is anyway forced to come up with a different sound. The only problem is that Slick and Eye have used Arfle to secretly record the Nimbols’ song and have arranged to be the first to perform it. Oona is horrified to hear them playing her music, but Neema comes to the rescue with the original song they had planned. Both bands have been awarded a perfect ten by the jury; now it’s up to Arfle to even the score.




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