Barberbieni is an Italian animated family, adventure and religious film that was released in 2008 and was distributed by Mondo TV.


In this suspenseful animated adventure, children learn not only something about the role of the pope and about his everyday activities; the detailed backgrounds and vivid animation also whet their appetites for getting to know the Vatican.

The bees, coming to life out of the old stone shield of the Barberini family, gave the name to this picture and are offer the comforting feeling of friendship to the young spectator. Unobtrusively and almost casually, the film also describes everyday Catholic customs.


Pauline, the ten-year-old daughter of the First Commander of the Swiss Guard, just moved into the Vatican with her parents. Pauline's curiosity is disrupted by an unexpected incident: The crucifix of the papal cross was stolen – of all things on Pauline's father's first day at work! His ability as a commander is questioned.

Pauline is shocked and sad. Her bitter tears bring the trio of anthropomorphic bees to life from stone, Feli, Claudio and Pepe, the Barberbieni. They offer her help and friendship. Together, they start searching for the thief. On their journey, they take us with them into the hidden part of the Vatican. At the end of the exciting search, Pauline and the bees not only find the crucifix, but discover something completely unexpected.


  • Pepe - Johnathan Failla
  • Claudio - Harvey Friedmann
  • Feli - Marianne Graffam
  • Pope - Shaun Lawton
  • Cardinal Cassia - Peter Bidd
  • Urs Davel - Clayton Nemrow
  • Ricardo - Simon Srebrny
  • Valet - Johnatan Tilley

The Algauers

  • Pauline - Jillian Barecca
  • Josef - Jeff Burrell
  • Sabine - Christa Lewis


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