ANTS is an animated cartoon series based on the artwork of Fabio Vettori dealing with the lives of ants outside the conventional “ant farm”. Consisting of short, funny episodes, filled with funny gags and graphic “cues”, this series is lively and light in content, yet full of references to our daily lives ... because the ANTS ... are in fact US! The “tiny” differences of our little friends’ ability to deal with life’s daily problems makes them appear similar to us, as they attempt to do things even greater than we are capable of. All of these aspects together – the gags, the discovery of the ANTS’ “humanity” as they carry out their great feats amid dynamic backdrops (the “theatre” of the our ANTS is actually the entire world) help make this a true “family” series, ideal to be freely broadcast on a wide range of time slots. A sure success!

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