Alexander The Great born under the lucky star of the Greek God Zeus, the prince of Macedonia is as brilliant as he is brazen. Inspired by his mentor Aristotle, Young Alexander wishes to become a hero like the legendary Achilles. When his father, King Philip, is killed by the wicked Emperor Darius, the young king assembles an army and sets out for revenge. he fights many battles and conquers much of the known world. However, while Alexander enjoys his stay in the mysterious realm of Egypt, Darius amasses more weapons and a new army. Only with the help of his friends and the blessing of the Gods will Alexander then defeat Darius, in an epic battle…

Deviations from History

  • Alexander is referred to as Philip II's first son. There is a certain level of ambiguity to this statement as Alexander was Philip's only son by his fourth wife Olympias but his second son overall as Philip's firstborn son was named Arrhidaeus, later known as Philip III of Macedon upon Alexander's death.
  • Alexander was not believed to be Zeus' nephew but rather his son.
  • Philip II did not drown in an accident arranged by Darius III but was murdered by his personal bodyguard Pausanis Orestis at the instigation of either Olympias or Alexander.
  • Memnon of Rhodes is portrayed as having died in battle rather than of illness.

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