A Living Doll, is the seventh episode of the animated series, The Nimbols.


After watching Mighty Meg easily defeat a group of Cyborgs on the wall computer, Ulee, Blip and Urp all fall in love with the attractive super-heroine. When they hear that she is making a special appearance at City Hall, they sneak in through a back gate… just in time to see the weakened Mighty Meg being kidnapped!

The three infatuated Nimbols are able to perform a valiant rescue and spirit their grateful idol away to safety. Feeling courageous in the company of their heroine, the Nimbols decide to hide her in the Cyborgs’ junkyard lair. However, she is too weak to fend off the attacking Cyborgs and only the sudden arrival of Professor Snork saves them. Now it’s time for the Professor to reveal to the Nimbols the astonishing secret of Mighty Meg.





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