"A Duel" (Japanese: (inaduma no kanata ni「稲妻の彼方に」) is the third episode of the anime series, Robin Hood and was originally broadcasted on August 12, 1990.


Robin decides to return home to find out what happened after Baron Alwine burned his father’s castle to the ground. While he gazes disconsolately at the blackened remains of the walls, he is seen by Gilbert, a young knight of the “Black Rose” who wants to avenge his defeat for an earlier fight with Robin that left him with a scarred face. A second fight ensues in which Robin is not victorious, however Gilbert decisively spares Robin’s life.



  • Robin Hood
  • Marian
  • Will Scarlet
  • Winifred Scarlet
  • Jenny Scarlet
  • Friar Tuck


  • Gilbert